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Die Skythen Fernrohrringhalterung

Superlative art object



more than 60 000 working hours


Tierstiel Ornament Panther

5 kg gold – 56 diamonds

The Scythians – The most valuable rifle in the world is now considered a superlative art object

life’s work

The Scythians is an example of sophisticated, exclusive craftsmanship and dedication. The Scythians is a life’s work. The fine engravings and countless details focus the viewer’s gaze. The constant battle between good and evil is evident in the animal style engravings. 

The lifetime, the ideas & sketches, the countless discussions about the final design of the details are reflected in the Scythians. This masterpiece is the connection between the Scythian gold and today.

The Scythian represents the link between millennia and testifies to an infinite devotion to perfection. This makes the time spent relative to the result, because time never played a role in the processing of the Scythian.

Franz Nott, master engraver


Franz Schmölzer Goldschmiedemeister

With passion comes perfection, Nott says: “The routine allows you to say you put a hole in the ivory and hardly anything happens. But if you got bogged down, you would have a big problem, because I can’t make up for that. With gold you could solder something to it. That’s no longer possible with ivory.”

Unterschrift Franz Schmölzer

Franz Schmölzer, master goldsmith

Unique – More than 60,000 working hours have already been invested in the unique work of art.


Thomas Schurian Visionär Greentimes GmbH

This craft is unique – definitely not copyable. If you look at the appearance of the workmanship, it can only be compared with the art of Peter Carl Fabergè.

We are talking about handicrafts of the highest quality. The Scythian gold was the model for the countless fine animal style ornaments. A unique masterpiece.

Thomas Schurian, Managing Director Skythen GmbH


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The animal style ornaments were modeled on the Scythian people

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