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A priceless masterpiece

the Scythians.


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One of the most respected art engravers & one of the most respected goldsmiths of our time started this project more than forty years ago. In total, more than 60,000 thousand hours of work have already been invested in the Scythians. The project is still unfinished..

We have exclusive insight. Original artwork. Unreleased scenes and much more. Get a glimpse of the idea phase of the project: The Scythians. Take a look behind the scenes at the ORF shoot. Get a feel for the story behind this life’s work. Subscribe to our newsletter. You have to confirm your email and you will automatically receive exclusive pictures and videos in your inbox.


Scythians Ltd. | Austria | 9560 Feldkirchen i. K | Commercial Street 5

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ORF Beitrage ORF Dreh - Das teuerste Gewehr der Welt Hinter den Szenen ORF
Die Skythen Diamanten